NASCAR announced updates to the rule book Thursday afternoon that modify the appeal process.

Of note is the following language: The Appeals Panel (and Final Appeal Officer) may not completely remove any element of the originally assessed penalty provided in the Penalty Notice as defined in Rule Book Section 10.5.2 Determination of Penalties; modifications to a penalty are limited to the minimum and maximum ranges as listed in the Rule Book.

Therefore, if NASCAR assessed a penalty that consisted of points reductions, monetary fines and suspensions, all three elements of the originally assessed penalty must remain, but the amount of each element could be adjusted within the minimum and maximum penalty ranges.

The impact of this change it to confine the appeals panel or officers to the range of penalties set forth in the rule book. If there are changes the NASCAR-issued penalties in anyway, they must remain in the pre-defined range.


Furthermore, “NASCAR shall have the right to publish any decision of the Appeals Panel/[Final Appeals Officer], including without limitation, the names of the parties involved and the Appeals Panel/FAO justification for modifying or rescinding a Penalty.

[Bolded words added to rule book]


For examples of possible penalties, see the Penalty Violation Examples page.

Penalty Violation Examples

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