The NASCAR All-Star Fan Vote is now open at

For those drivers not already locked into the main event, there are three more ways to gain entry — win a race between now and the NASCAR All-Star Race, finish in the top two in the Open race during NASCAR All-Star Race Weekend or win the Fan Vote.

Eligibility for the Fan Vote is as follows:


To be eligible for the Fan Vote ballot, a driver must:

(1) Hold a valid NASCAR Membership and License as a driver for 2023 NASCAR Cup Series competition (e.g. membership in good standing, not under suspension) at the time of the 2023 NASCAR All-Star Race;

(2) Have attempted to qualify for the 2023 Daytona 500;

(3) Have met all other eligibility requirements as determined by NASCAR®.

Such driver must not be otherwise eligible to participate in the NASCAR All-Star Race™.  Any eligible Fan Vote candidate that wins a 2023 NASCAR Cup Series race event prior to the NASCAR All-Star Race, or that finishes in the top two (2) in the NASCAR Open qualifying race, will automatically gain entry into the NASCAR All-Star Race and is no longer eligible for the Fan Vote.  Subsequently, such driver‘s name will be removed from the Fan Vote ballot and their accumulated votes will be voided. In order for a driver to be eligible for the Fan Vote, that driver must finish the NASCAR Open and their respective vehicle must be in a raceable condition at the time called as determined by the NASCAR Cup Series Managing Director.  That driver does not need to finish the NASCAR Open on the lead lap. In the event the driver does not meet these requirements, the next eligible driver from the Fan Vote will transfer into the NASCAR All-Star Race.


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