Former GM president Lloyd Reuss, a mechanical engineer who worked his way up through the ranks at General Motors and ultimately became president from 1990 to 1992, and whose son Mark Reuss is currently GM president, has died at 86.

The senior Reuss joined GM in 1957 and embarked on a 36-year career at the automaker, in a time when company loyalty went both ways, from the employees who spent their entire working lives in one place, and from the corporations who benevolently kept them there.

Lloyd Reuss is survived by children Charlene and Mark, daughter-in-law Kim, son-in-law Joel, and grandchildren Amanda, Nick, Grant, Grace, and Sophia. Reuss was married to wife Maurcine, who passed away in 2020, for 63 years.


Rick Hendrick, chairman and CEO of Hendrick Automotive Group and owner of Hendrick Motorsports, on the passing of Lloyd Reuss, past president of General Motors:

“Lloyd was a pillar of the automotive industry. A true ‘car guy‘ and optimist, he was always there to support dealers and stood tall as a champion of General Motors‘ auto racing programs. His passion for GM was exceeded only by his love for family and community. I see many of his greatest qualities reflected in Mark (Reuss, current president of General Motors), including servant leadership, a commitment to performance, and compassion for those less fortunate. On behalf of our entire organization, our prayers and deepest sympathies are with Mark, the Reuss family and Lloyd‘s GM family.”

— Hendrick Motorsports —

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