Ryan Blaney says he suffered concussion-like symptoms after his crash into a concrete wall last weekend at Nashville Superspeedway and that the doctor who helped Dale Earnhardt Jr. through his concussion helped Blaney.

Dr. Michael “Micky” Collins , who established the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center‘s Sports Medicine Concussion program and has worked with NASCAR drivers, advised Blaney this past week.

“Dr. Collins felt good about it Monday (the day after the crash) when he talked to me,” Blaney said Saturday. “He had some concerns, but he didn‘t feel like there was ever really a point where I was going to sit out (this week). He didn‘t see anything too severe where I didn‘t have to go to Pittsburgh.

“But there were a couple of things in my eyes that he didn‘t really like. You just feel kind of foggy. You kind of feel out of it. The exercises he gave me to do, essentially at the end of the day it‘s a muscle and you have to work that muscle out.

— NBC Sports —

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