Co-owner of Live Fast Racing, Matt Tifft, competed in his first race since the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series season over the weekend. Tifft rain a pair of late model races in Wisconsin for Dan Fredrickson.

Tifft competed on Saturday at Marshfield Speedway and Sunday at Golden Sands Speedway. He completed a two-day test at Hickory Speedway in North Carolina earlier this year to prepare for the events.

As for racing in the event, Tifft said last week: “I think after everything that happened medically, personally and professionally, I wanted to prove to myself that I could again. But also, I wondered would I like it again? I wanted to check that box because when you have something like that happened in October of 2019, you don‘t know what that will ever mean again. It‘s not like you got to hang up your helmet on your own terms. It was so unexpected and I wanted the feeling of going to do it.”

A weekend I once thought wouldn‘t ever be possible again, came to be reality. An awesome group of people and support plus getting fast time and some solid runs. Only question now left remaining is, when‘s the next race? 🏁

— Matt Tifft (@matt_tifft) August 21, 2023

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