[T]here‘s one piece of the 2024 puzzle that has yet to be filled: the driver of the Wood Brothers‘ No. 21 car.

At Darlington, Burton told Frontstretch that a 2024 return isn‘t a done deal despite the news of a crew chief swap for next season.

“Yeah, we‘ll see, it‘s been ongoing,” Burton said. “I think a lot of it depends on how we run, right?

“We‘ve shown improvements; we‘ve also had weekends where we weren‘t as good as we need to be. But, you know, I think this group has had a lot of confidence in me from the beginning that I can do it, it‘s just about building into the driver I know I can be and that they believe in me to be.

“The swap is a good sign of that commitment to improve together. We‘ll see, but luckily for me, I stay out of those conversations. I‘m able to just drive, and I‘ve got a great group of people around me that help with all of that, and I can just drive a race car.”


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