Georgia-based startup distillery of high-quality whiskey and whiskey cocktails, Infamous Whiskey, will be an associate level sponsor in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Daytona International Speedway in Florida on February 16. The newest American whiskey company is an associate sponsor of the No. 15 Toyota Tundra driven by Tanner Gray for the championship team TRICON Garage.

“Last season our expectations regarding our sponsorship were exceeded as we saw our company logo televised live on FS1 numerous times during the race. The effects this national exposure had on our brand, growth, and fundraising efforts continue to help our young company. The opportunity to continue to team up with TRICON Garage at Daytona 2024 is an exciting next step and will continue to grow our relationship with the team, NASCAR, and their millions of fans we believe will enjoy our products,” said Chris Roberts, VP of Media and Advertising for Infamous Whiskey.

The national coverage that Infamous Whiskey received through the last sponsorship was indeed successful. Per Nielsen Media Research an estimated 377,000 people tuned in to FS1 to watch the Bristol race, while another 213,000 viewed the race online via official digital and various off-platform streaming services. Infamous Whiskey’s metric advertising and branding value was estimated well over $100,000 for the airtime they received. This provided the young spirits company a brand awareness boost on a national level.

“We were happy with the metrics from Bristol and consider ourselves blessed to be involved with this amazing team at Tricon Garage. Tanner (Gray) is a great guy and he has the experience and abilities that make him a terrific driver. So the chance to support him again at Daytona is truly an honor. Last September in Bristol we had a lot of direct responses from our sponsorship, but there are also many intangibles that really can‘t be quantified because we‘re a startup. We‘re fans of NASCAR and the Truck Series and we understand how media valuation is ongoing and boosted through repetition so we are looking forward to being a part of the 2024 season,” said Lorenze Tremonti, CEO of Infamous Whiskey.

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