NASCAR President Steve Phelps told NBC Sports on Saturday that looking at Dodger Stadium as a possible race site is a part of the sport‘s creative approach to its schedule and that he also feels good about the proposal NASCAR presented teams on the next charter agreement.

Phelps said at Phoenix Raceway that he is “excited about where we‘re going from a schedule standpoint in ‘25 and beyond.”

“We are committed to the market,” Phelps told NBC Sports on Saturday about the Los Angeles market. “It‘s important. What it looks like at this point next year, I don‘t know. Was there an exploration with the Dodgers, working with Formula E and creating a potential joint opportunity there? Yeah.

“That should not be a surprise. It‘s just due diligence. If something hits, great, and if it doesn‘t so be it, but I think we need to continue to push the boundaries, not just from a schedule standpoint. I think we‘ve seen that, or fans have seen that and media have seen that. We have a willingness to think differently and it‘s working.”

Also, NASCAR‘s charter agreement with teams expires after this season. The agreement sets the financial payments to teams.

Phelps acknowledged differences with the teams but also remained optimistic of a deal.

“They desire to get something done, too,” Phelps said. “It‘s a negotiation. It probably depends on what lens you‘re looking through. We‘ve got some things to close the gap. The gap is not a chasm. It‘s just a gap. I think there are some things that both sides would like to see as part what an extension would look like.

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