Ryan Ellis and Alpha Prime Racing are proud to announce that Four Loko will return for a third consecutive year as a primary sponsor. This time, Four Loko will take the partnership to one of the biggest stages in NASCAR: Talladega Superspeedway.

This will be the third year of Four Loko‘s partnership with Ellis and Alpha Prime Racing and their third race as a primary sponsor in NASCAR. Their partnership kicked off in 2022 in Ellis‘ first race for Alpha Prime Racing. An eye-catching scheme highlighting Four Loko‘s new USA flavor took to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, finishing 13th in Ellis‘ debut with his new team. In 2023, Four Loko returned, going intergalactic, utilizing the No.43 Chevy to rocket their newly launched Sour Cosmic Punch flavor on track at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX. After getting spun around in one of the many chaotic late-race restart crashes, the Four Loko Chevy finished 20th.

Now, Four Loko turns to a track known as “NASCAR‘s biggest and baddest track,” Talladega Superspeedway. Loko‘s new “king of the jungle” flavor, Jungle Juice, will be featured on the No.43 Chevy at NASCAR‘s largest oval, with a “can‘t miss” bright orange tiger-striped scheme. The latest flavor is a wild mix of our favorite fruits, creating a fierce citrus punch. It‘s the perfect cooler filling for all party animals. Fans can find Four Loko‘s Jungle Juice flavor at a store near them by visiting https://fourloko.com/find.

“I‘ve thought since day one that a Four Loko car at Talladega Superspeedway would be the ultimate fit,” said Ryan Ellis, driver of the No.43 Four Loko Chevy. “Talladega is known for many things and fits the Loko brand so well. On the track, it‘s known for wild racing and allowing smaller teams like ours to succeed that we might not get at most tracks. Off the track, it‘s known for Ricky Bobby, ‘the boulevard,‘ and all of the chaos that surrounds the camping experience at Dega.”

Ellis continued, “This partnership, especially at this venue, provides us an amazing platform to put Four Loko in the spotlight on and off the track. I know we‘ll create some hilarious and fun content around it all. It‘s just been an absolutely amazing experience working with Phusion Projects and Four Loko. They‘re a dream partner in so many ways, and the Four Loko schemes are always a fan-favorite. I‘m so proud to be affiliated with a brand like this, and I can‘t wait to get to Talladega!”

“We’re excited to announce Four Loko’s return to the NASCAR Xfinity series for the third consecutive year, partnering with our favorite driver, Ryan Ellis. There isn’t a more fitting race atmosphere for Four Loko than the legendary Talladega Superspeedway. It’s been very fun to see NASCAR fans engaging with the Four Loko brand. We love the enthusiasm from our consumers as we continue to dive into the racing scene,” said Sam Catalina, Chief Marketing Officer of Phusion Projects.

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