The Athletic’s Jordan Bianchi has taken a look at rumors about the 2025 schedule:

Nothing is yet certain for the 2025 Cup schedule, but NASCAR sources indicate that they hope to announce it this month.

NASCAR‘s desire to hold a points race outside the United States, something it hasn‘t done since 1958, is well documented.

The likeliest candidate this time is Mexico City, where the Xfinity Series raced for four years (2005-2008) and where Formula One has competed since 2015.

If NASCAR does race in Mexico City next year, that means an opening must be created in the schedule. How will NASCAR do that?

By dropping the spring Richmond race, according to industry sources.

In recent weeks, another venue has emerged as a viable candidate [for the Clash], industry sources say: Bowman Gray Stadium.

In what won‘t likely be a well-received decision, Phoenix Raceway is expected to host NASCAR‘s 2025 championship weekend for its three national series, according to industry sources.


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